Representing The People of South Carolina District 4.

South Carolina District 4 is a diverse and growing region of South Carolina.  Maintaining our small-town appeal, increasing our economic strength, and reinforcing our shared values is the primary objective of any elected official.  The Upstate of South Carolina has the potential to lead the nation into a bright future of development in infrastructure, manufacturing, and service industry expertise.  The people of District 4 are intelligent, ambitious, talented, and uniquely capable of propelling both the state and the country into a future of dynamic change and prosperity.  As a community we must stay on the cutting edge of economic trends, all while staying true to our dedication to family and faith.

Our ideology must be founded on mutual respect, common sense, and a shared interest in preserving the American Dream.

Fundamental Principles

The Major Issues...Simply Stated


Immigration requires common sense solutions to mend the partisan divide.  The border should be secure, and I support the effort to extend the current wall along our southern border, as long as immigrants in this country are granted protections under the law.  Border agents should also be supported with additional resources to protect themselves and our communities.  Along with border security, there should be a pathway to citizenship for immigrants already living and working in the United States.  Those with gang affiliations or criminal records should be deported, but families should be protected and allowed to safely emerge from the shadows and obtain documentation that will enable them to participate fully in the American economy.  Also, the process for new immigrants should be efficient and incentivize legal pathways to enter our country.


Healthcare has proven to be a divisive and complicated issue.  While it is important to maintain the financial incentives that promote quality care in the United States, it is equally important to ensure affordability in the marketplace.  Transparent pricing and competition among providers will empower patients to make better health decisions.

Public Education

The public education system has become a burden for American teachers.  Those who dedicate their lives to educating our children should have the autonomy to customize a curriculum based on their expert knowledge, not federal guidelines.  It is time to empower educators to do their job.  Every classroom is unique, therefore mandating a single method of instruction is counterproductive.  The priority should be to reduce paperwork and provide the freedom for our teachers to teach.

Student Loan Reform

The weight of student loan debt is suffocating the American people.  Graduates are unable to find gainful employment and the immediate requirement to begin repaying the loans is forcing millions of Americans to settle for temporary positions rather than pursuing a fulfilling career.  We must reform the system to provide substantially more time for people to stabilize their lives and income before repayment begins.

A Message From The Candidate

I am running for office to represent the people who are frustrated by political pandering and the condescending tone politicians use while appealing to the worst aspects of human nature.  In politics, the truth should matter.  Facts are not always convenient, but they should guide our actions.  This generation will fail to protect the fundamental rights and economic prosperity of our children if we allow party affiliation to distort our dedication to doing what is right. 

Jordan Brown